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Mads Ebler and his crew champions of SMRC 2011
19.06.2011 - 12.:45

Final results HERE

The Final thriller in Koper went in favor of the European champion
19.06.2011 - 14:30

On the third and final day of SMRC 2011 there was again no shortage of wind on the race area, only the direction shifted from southerly to NE Bora wind. »After getting soaked by the morning showers, we were all determined to put in the final effort. Maybe a bit down on weight for this wind-strength we gave it our best and are very happy to finish fourth overall. For me this event was a great experience, much need in the women's match race circuit where we compete through the year. Having such an event at home priceless, « said the loser of petit final Vesna Dekleva Paoli that competed with a first time together team Rok Košir, Marko Štanta in Matija Čok.

There was a grin on the face of Jure Orel as well, despite finishing on the last step of the podium after being for a longer period out of match racing. »I'm completely satisfied both from competitive and organizing point of view. We enjoyed the sailing and our result exceeded expectations for this issue of SMRC. The fight for third in petit final against Vesna was a real treat. Her match racing skills have vastly improved since last year and I wish her all the best in Perth (Australia) to succeed in qualifying for the upcoming Olympic Games. As an organizer I can only say we were lucky to have great wind conditions, umpires and race committee and wonderful competitors, so getting the whole program through was easy.« Jure had his faithful organization team by his side on shore and the team of Aleš Božnik, Karlo Hmeljak and Jaro Furlani on his sailboat.

A real treat for spectators having a close up view of racing from Koper's main pier were the grand final matches between European Champion Mads Ebler and three times SMRC champion Ian Ainsle. Ebler took advantage of lighter conditions to get a 2:0 lead, but as Bora wind grew stronger, 40 kilos heavier Ainslie's team won the third and fourth match to even the score at 2:2. »Honestly we had some panic on board. Each time the boats came together Ian was faster. It was obvious we needed a perfect start in the last mach to have any chance of winning the final. We managed to cool down, make a tactical plan and stick to it till the end, « is how the excited Danish skipper explained their winning strategy. Ebler is determined to come back next year to make it two in a row. He and his team are planning a series or 'practice' regattas culminating at the European Championships in Finland, where they will defend their last year's title. Let's hope Ian brings his crew to Koper next year too, to see who can get the most wins at SMRC.


Petit final is over
19.06.2011 - 11.:30

Ading another win to yeasterday first one, Orel went on to win the petit final agains Vesna Dekleva, threfore finishing in a final third place at his event.

Ebler got to 2:0 lead in the morning, but than Ainsle put in a higher gear and made it 2:2. At the moment we are waiting for the final match of this year's event.

Time to race and time for fun

Some memebers of racing crews had a full on aproach both in sailing and in social events.

No Slovenian teams in grand final

Organizers plans for today were ambitious, do the repeshage for teams placed three to eight in the round robin and then complete the semifinals. Therefore the race committee promptly left the docks in the morning an had the first starting procedure on at 10 AM


Six teams that did not earn a place in semifinals yesterday started today from scratch and no one was ready to let go the second chance for semifinals without a fight. "We are the real underdogs today" was sort of a joke from Lumba-team skipper Dejan Presen in the morning. But after yesterday's disappointment with 0 points, today they really showed much more. The same eagerness was obvious in all teams but of course some were more successful than others at it. Racing was so close, that the tie for repeshage third place between three teams could only be solved on basis of round-robin results. So teams of Dejan Presen Nicolai Sehested went on to fight it out and win the final fifth place in the event. Jure Orel earned his place in the semifinals with a perfect 5 wins score and Vesna Dekleva with three wins.


At the skippers meeting on the committee boat, round robin winner Mads Ebler chose team of Vesna Dekleva as their opponent in semifinals, so Ainsle and Orel were the other semifinal pair. "We got some strong Jugo wind in the semis and my lack of physical preparation became obvious immediately. With a tired body the head didn't work all that good anymore either." was Orel's statement after a losing out 0:3 to AInsle. Also tired Vesna Dekleva lost to Ebler with the same result, but was happy to sail for final third place against nation's best match-racer Orel.

Petit and grand final

Since the forecast for tomorrow was all but promising, the race committee also did the first flight of the finals today. Orel got a one point lead in the petit and Ebler a one point lead in the grand final. Both petit and grand final matches will continue tomorrow.


Danish and Southafrican teams first to semifinals

The capitol of Slovenian coast hosts the fifth edition of Slovenija Mach race Cup, an international match racing regatta. Today organizers were successful in completing the first round-robin and getting the first two semifinalists, Mads EBLER and Ian AINSLE.

Eight teams from five nations were of with a slow start of the day in humble 4 knots of very shifty southern wind. Inconsistent wind force reached its minimum around 1 PM so all races were stopped for an hour, until the wind began to fill the bay again. Finally the forecasted conditions realized, and real racing began in a solid Jugo wind.

The round-robin where each team races against every other team once, unlike in some previous years, went by with few penalties given and no accidents. The overhauled fleet of J/24's survived the day without 'injuries' and by late evening it was obvious that Mads Ebler is the skipper of the day. The Danish team with Slovene bowman Vid Jeranko remained unbeaten all day and really earned a direct way to semifinals. The other crew that reached that goal was the team of Ian Ainsle in its fifth appearance at his event (winning it three times already). By beating Slovenian crew of Jure Orel in their match, they finished in second place, though on same points as Orel.

The three Slovenian teams may have actually exceeded their expectations for the day on their home race course. Orel showed promising sailing after a longer absence from math-racing, by missing the sort way to semifinals by a whisker (same points as Ainsle). Our Olympian and promising women match-race skipper Vesna Dekleva-Paoli is probably also content with the three wins she put under her belt today, taking in consideration the fact she has never sailed with any of her today's crewmembers ever before. Tomorrow will be a day to go a step higher, since crews that have finished from third to eight place today, will sail an another round-robin. First and second placed teams will join today's winners in the semifinals.

RESULTS after day one (Wins/Loses)

1. DEN Mads Ebler 7/0

2. JAR Ian Ainslie 5/2

3. SLO Jure Orel 5/2

4. DEN N. Sehested 4/3

5. SLO V. Dekleva-Paoli 3/4

6. AUS Peter Nicholas 2/5

7. POL S. Syzmik 2/5

8. SLO Dejan Presen 0/7

Audi Quattro Junior Cup 2011 postponed to later dates

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Optimist class regatta had to be postponed to a later date. Published sailing programs of national teams in some neighboring countries have overlapped with the original dates of Audi Quattro Junior Cup, predicting a noticeably reduced appearance of interested sailors at this event.

New dates are 20th and 21st August 2011.

Unfortunately young sailors will not fight their battles on the race course next to match racing experts this year, but the organizers had to decide in favor of a stronger fleet at Audi Quattro Junior Cup. Next year though, both events will be run hand in hand again, so young talent and experience will share the waters of Bay of Koper once more.

Notice of Race -Audi Quattro Junior Cup 2011

Ainsle comming for his fourth title?

Ian Ainsle from RSA is Slovenia Match Race Cup's 'old' acquaintance, since he and his crew have competed in just every edition so far and have taken home the winners' cup for three times. An experienced international lineup of skippers and teams will for sure do everything, to stop Ainsle from getting his fourth crown.

Amongst tough competition from Australia, Denmark, South African Republic, Poland and Great Brittan, Slovenia will be represented for the second time by Vesna Dekleva and her Barakuda Team, whilst Dejan Presen will make a Slovenia Match Race Cup debut with his Lumba Team.

More details on skippers and crews.

Just this year 'back to the roots'


TheOneDesign sailboat project, boats that were Slovenia Match Race Cup's weapon of choice in the last three editions, has undergone a major redesign in the past year, following extensive sailing and racing trials. Fresh from the drawing board of designer Andrej Justin, the first new boat is currently being completed in the shipyard, but unfortunately a complete fleet will only be available to organizers for next year's edition of SMRC.

Therefore the organizers choice of this year's competition boats have been the sailboats with which the new era of match racing events in Slovenia has begun a couple of years ago. Recently overhauled fleet of J-24's is a promise of intense and close racing, just boat lengths away from spectators on Koper's shores.

Fitfth edition comming up

Finally issues with overlapping dates of similar match race events have been resolved, and Slovenia Match Race Cup has got its place in the ISAF regatta calendar for 2011.

Notice of Race -Slovenia Match Race Cup 2011

Goodbye Mini, welcome Junior

In its ninth edition this Optimist class regatta is introducing new dimensions. After last year's change of name from Audi Mini Quattro Cup to Audi Quattro Junior Cup, now it is preparing to lose another meaning of adjective Mini.

This traditional regatta of Optimist class has always emphasized its kindness toward the youngest sailors of this junior dinghy class, and that shall never change. However its more or less local character is a thing of the past. Confirmed in ISAF and IODA calendars, from now on Audi Quattro Junior Cup is reaching out to international sailors, and organizers believe Slovenian 'young hopes' will get a good company of sailors from nearby countries.


Notice of Race -Audi Quattro Junior Cup 2011