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Neugodnikov succeeded in Koper
Koper, 19.06.2010

Third time lucky ... Russian team deserved victory!

Robertson invincible in Koper
Koper, 18.06.2010

   Second day of Slovenia match race cup started with the rain but soon after morning's skippers meeting the sun came out. Even though the conditions weren’t promising, the race committee left the harbour on scheduled time and waited for the wind to stabilize on the sea. Around the noon everything was set and matches could finally have started.

   First objective was to finish the round robin, but it took quite a while to realize it because of many delays, caused by the damages on the boats. Ratko Štibrič in fact enabled one of the boats by perforating its side, so the competition proceeded with only two pairs instead of three. Anyway, the race committee managed to finish the first round robin and almost got the second one done.


   Amongst the nine crews Philip Roberston’s team was the one with major number of victories. Actually the Kiwis were the only team who haven’t lost a single match. Ian Ainslie (JAR) placed second with six wins out of eight, while Michele Perris from Monaco took the third place. Morvan, Neugodnikov and Simone Ferrarese are the other three skippers qualified for the second round robin but so far, the game is far from decided.

Jana Pines

Ainslie takes the lead at Slovenia Match race cup
Koper, 17.06.2010

KOPER – Introductory qualification matches of international regatta Slovenia Match Race Cup ended as expected. After half of the round robin derivative leads South African Ian Ainslie, also remains undefeated Robertson New Zealander, while the Slovenian crew Vesna Dekleva Paoli without table tail points scored.


The partial results shows that the title defender Ian Ainslie is in great shape, because after five games remain undefeated. The next round will undoubtedly see Philip Robertson, who also has not lost a match. Somewhat worse, however, shows Vesna Dekleva Paoli, after six confrontations in last place without a point scored. The triple olympic winner with Catherine Kerševan and Lena Koter on board is by far the easiest 359 kilograms team and therefore more difficult to manage the boat, in addition, also it is the youngest team. All this is of course reflected in the results table, but the girls that they do not burden, knowing that every beginning is difficult and that perseverance will certainly sooner or later bear fruit.

Jana Pines

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