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Slovenia Match Race Cup goes to Republic South Africa  (17.00 17.06.2007)



Ian Ainslie along with his crew Golden Mgedeza, Solli Dipere in Szabi Waes, realized his match racing experience gathered in the last four years at the top level, while sailing for team Shosholoza in the AC campaign.


Another sunny day with winds exceeding all forecasts welcomed the ‘surviving’ four crews in the final stages of Slovenia Match Race Cup. Action continued with yesterday canceled second matches of semifinals. Both yesterdays losers Basic and Ainsle first equalized and then went on to win their semifinals, forcing Simoncelli and Morvan to Petit finals. In interesting matches that followed, Simoncelli earned his third place in the event with two straight wins against Morvan, who was noticeably disappointed with the final outcome.


But there was more in store for the spectators and invited guests on the spectator boats. Just like matches in the Petit finals, the Grand final matches were a real treat for the public. Only a boat length or two between the teams, countless tacks and jibes and great work aboard both sailboats made sure every match was decided no sooner than at the finish line. Two of the matches actually ended in a real photo-finish. Therefore, though Ainsle won the finals with 3-0, their work was by far not as easy as the result would imply.


At the prize-giving ceremony all teams earned loud cheers and congratulations and got some practical awards. Of course the first three teams were also awarded with nice artistic glass cups and the winning crew of Ian Ainsle with a one week charter form one of the sponsors.


We can only hope that competitors were nearly as satisfied with the event, as the organizers were with all the sailing and battles these young but top level sailors performed here in Izola in these three days.


‘Let the games begin’ hopefully again next year and in the years to follow at match racing events in the small Slovenian sea.


Results Slovenia Match Race Cup

1. Ian Ainslie (RSA), 2. Tomislav Bašić (CRO), 3. Matteo Simoncelli (ITA), 4. Piere-Antoine Morvan (FRA), 5. Andreas Willim (GER), 6. Torvar Mirsky (AUS), 7. Jure Orel (SLO), 8. Dario Kliba (CRO), 9. Andrew Arbuzov (RUS), 10. Przemek Tarnacki (POL).




Morvan, Simoncelli, Ainsle and Basic semi finalists at the end of day 2 (18.00 - 16.06.)



Wind was much more generous in strength than the forecast implied, but reading the shifts was close to impossible. Normally some did it better then others (and maybe in a couple of cases luck had something to do with it to). Some close matches become 'boring' after the first separation of boats, while on the other hand hundreds of meters of lead were lost due to unexpected lulls. Of course, though untypical for this venue, all this is a normal part of sailing sport. (more)


A tough first day of SMRC is over  (15.06.)



Shifty wind varying in force from 5 up to 20 knots made life difficult for all the teams competing in the Slovenia Match Race Cup. Practicly nobody 'got everything right', and it took some time for sailors to try to figure the tricky 'Jugo' south-easterly wind and the local conditions.  (read more)




Good "warm-up" for Slovenia Match Race Cup teams (Blurimini07)  (02.06.)


Slovenia Match Race Qualifier concluded successfully, Tomislav Bašič wins and qualifies for the main event in June  (29.04.)


Day one of Slovenia Match Race Qualifier is over (28.04.)


Everything set for the qualifier (27.04.)


Crew change for Qualifier (20.04.)

Provisional entry lists complete (05.03.)


Vinčec and Brčin invited to Qualifier (02.02.)


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