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In the first days of July we will transfer all our contents of our new website, and for those used to the old address there will be an automatic redirection. On the you will not find only modernized appearance and structure, but also some interesting new offers and programs being prepared for the immediate future.





Invitation to 'Go To BARCOLANA' rally on Saturday 10.10.2015 (07.09.2015)



An important novelty of the 47th Barcolana is an addition of across-border rallies during the Barcolana week. With this organizers wish to attract as many sailboats to Trieste already on the evening before the main event itself, so more people can feel the real beat of the festivities. Therefore rallies with the finishing line in Trieste will be held for crews arriving from Slovenia and Croatia.

Rally 'Go To Barcolana' from Slovenia starting in front of Izola on Saturday 10.10.2015 at 10:30 will be organized by Jadralni Klub Burja Izola, Jadralni Klub Jadro Koper, Tržaški Pomorski Klub - Club Nautico Triestino Sirena, Societa Velica Barcola e Grignano – Trieste, in cooperation with company Cleanport d.o.o.

Besides a free entry fee for Go To Barcolana, evening prize-giving ceremony, attractive awards for fist 50 entered teams, a definite magnet for many crews will be the guaranteed free berth in Trieste for all participating sailboats.

You can find more on the links below.


Flyer 'Go To BARCOLANA' (pdf)

Notice of Race 'Go To BARCOLANA from Slovenia' (pdf)

Entry Form for 'Go To BARCOLANA from Slovenia' (pdf)



SLOVENIJA WINTER SERIES match racing 2014/15 CANCLED (20.11.2014)



Dear Skippers, Teams and Fans


This time we have to publish a combination of bad and good news.

We are sorry for what we have to do, but happy for why we have to do it.


1) A decision was made a few days ago by the organizing committee, to cancel all acts of SWS 2014/15 since there will not be enough equal J/24 sailboats available in Izola through this winter.

Events to be canceled: Slovenija Winter Series Act 1 – 13th /14th December 2014 Slovenija Winter Series Act 2 – 07th /08th February 2015 Slovenija Winter Series Act 3 – 14th /15th March 2015

2) Cleanport d.o.o. has become a dealer for FAREAST YACHTS, and in the meantime decided to replace the fleet of good old J/24’s with brand new Fareast 28R’s.

This operation is set to take place during this winter, so we had to begin selling J/24’s immediately, and will not be able to run MR events on them anymore.

On the up side, from spring 2015 onwards we will have a fleet of beautiful Fareast 28R racing sailboats available also for match-racing events.

So you can expect a number of events coming from us including the SWS in the future. Use the link above to sneak a peak at the ‘weapons’ that will be used in Izola from 2015.



We are sorry if we caused you any trouble with this, and hope you understand our situation. All we can promise, is that Slovenija Winter Series will be back end of next year even better and of course with new sailboats. Hope to see you than!


SWS Organizing Committee



Second season of SLOVENIJA WINTER SERIES match racing comming up (26.09.2014)




After a nice success with the "Cleanport Winter Match Race Series 2013/14" a series will be held again in Izola this winter. The name has been changed to "SLOVENIJA WINTER SERIES 2014/15", everything else remains as before.

Dates for this winter are:

Act 1 - 13th and 14th December 2014

Act 2 - 7th and 8th February 2015

Act 3 - 14th and 15th March 2015


Check out the Notice of Race, or download the Entry Form

We will be posting more information soon, but for the wile you can see how the series went on in its first edition by scroling down this page.


Our match race events are also on this Facebook link:




CWMRS Final Act in Izola this weekend (23.04.2014)

The red and white J/24 fleet seen in the bay in front of Izola in the next days will not be playing around. We expect some serious matches to take place during "Cleanport Winter Match Race Series Final Act" ISAF grade 2 event from 25th to 27th April.

Eight teams from Switzerland, Austria, Great Brittan, Sweden and Slovenia will go head to head in the quest for the final title of this series. All teams are ranked in the top 100 on ISAF ranking list, so you can believe there will not be much mercy shown, and the level of presented skills should be very high.

Check out the Notice of Race,

or se who will be racing on page 5 of Sailing Instructions.


Results Day 1

Results Day 2


Please click on the Facebook link to follow our posts from the racecourse and current results.

Tomislav Bašič wins the event, Dejan Presens crew national champions (17.03.2014)

Almost anything is possible when competitors, umpires, race committee and the organizers do their job nearly perfectly. Forecasts for this Slovenian National Open Match Racing Championship were promising few hours of useful winds. After a slow Friday start, a gentle south on Saturday and early Sunday sea-breeze luckily offered a narrow time frame and the RC used it to the maximum. With help and support of an experienced team, Sailing Club J/24 managed to carry the entire scheduled program just before the sea was again totally becalmed on Sunday afternoon.

Four Slovenian and six foreign crews competed for the title of the championship winner, and the home teams also for the title of national champion. Tension and surprises were constant. If Tomislav Bašič (CRO) and Christian Binder (AUT) reliably held on to the first two places from beginning to end, a bitter fight went on for the remaining positions. On Saturday evening, after the round-robin Patryk Zbroja (POL) was in third place, the title of national champion was temporarily in the hands of Gorazd Rajar (SLO) in fourth place and two of the favorites, Dejan Presen (SLO) and Lorenz Mueller (SUI) were at the bottom of the leaderboard.


Tiho nedeljsko jutro je nakazovalo na odpoved četrt finala in le še prva četverica bi se borila med seboj za medalje. Vendar je, na veselje predsednika regaOn a calm Sunday morning it almost looked like the quarter-finals will be terminated, and only the first four will fight each other for medals. However to the joy of the PRO Bojan Gale sea-breeze quickly filled the sea in front of Izola and the quarter-finals drastically mixed things up. The known semi-finalists Basic and Binder were joined by G. Rajar and Presen for the final stage, while the rest had to sail ‘King of the hill’ format for places 10 to 5. Mueller (in Izola always sailing with 'his' Slovenian crew) was the most successful in this stage, and climbed from ninth to final fifth place. Basic and Binder won their way to the grand- final where Basic allowed Binder no surprises. Meanwhile G. Rajar and Presen were fighting for overall third place and the national champion title in the petit-final.

Rajar started with a win but Presen tied at 1:1 and everything was set for a dramatic conclusion of the event in which the dying wind also played its role. Despite Rajars lead after the start, by the end of the second leg Presen caught up and got into a slightly better position at the downwind mark. At that moment the wind direction shifted just enough to leave Rajar with no opportunities to fight back in the light breeze. Therefore Dejan Presen and his crew Miha Truden, Marko Pihlar and Gal Potrč Pajk got to take home the third place trophy and the title of national champions, while Tomislav Bašič, Stjepan Vitaljić , Pave Pleslić and Ivan Ivanković convincingly grabed the overall winner trophy of this year's championship.



See you soon in Izola for CWMRS Final Act (grade 2) next month 25th to 27th April.


Slovene open MR nationals begin tomorrow (13.03.2014)


Four Slovene crews will compete for the title of 2014 National Champion in the following days. In the batle for the event overall winner they will be joined by six more teams from nearby countries. A list of all the skippers can be found on our Facebook page:


Teams doing some practice today.


What a winter weekend ! – CWMRS Act 3 (grade 3) (10.02.2014)

Trippolt steals the win from Binder in an all Austrian Final


It doesn’t get much more exciting than this. Ten teams, six boats, semi- finals ‘blown away’. Really close matches all the way, storms threatening the event format, finalists unknown till the end, round-robin favorite losing in the single point final!

With two teams not able to show up at Cleanport Winter Match Race Series Act 3, organizers last minute decision was to change the format to a full round-robin for the ten teams present, so everybody could do as much racing as possible. And a good decision it was.

On Saturday in 5-10 knot southerly winds and over 10°C temperatures, thanks to great work of the RC, umpires, competitors and by returning to shore actually in the dark, 12 flights were completed. That’s a great number of matches for a short February day. Three flights of RR to go and theoretically eight teams could still reach the finals.

A windy and rainy night was forecasted, with conditions improving in the morning. Unfortunately the weather was running late, so the morning was spent watching winter Olympics in the club, while squalls and 30+ knots gusts battered the race course. But at 1 PM the forecasts realized, and the moment the wind eased and rain stopped next procedure was signaled from the RC boat. Remaining three flights were completed swiftly. Binder won the RR and unlucky Litkey lost out in a four way tie for the three remaining places in the final.

All but one time limit have unfortunately gone by till then, so first to one point final and petit final were all that followed. Tom Mallindine managed to win the match for third place against Dejan Presen, while Max Trippolt earned a first place finish by beating Christian Binder.

Thanks’ everybody (including the teams finishing lower in the results) for such a positive approach and atmosphere. We’ll be back March 14th -16th with Slovenian Open National MR Championships (Grade 3) and April 25th -27th with CWMRS Final Act (Grade 2).

Final Results CWMRS Act 3

Results Round-Robbin



Winning team: Max Trippolt, Benedikt Hoss, Hanno Sohm, Jodok Kung


To read how it all went down on a timeline click the Facebook link bellow.


Dull winter turns to spring like sunshine – CWMRS Act 2 (16.12.2013)


If Act 1 of Cleanport Winter Match Race Series was under threat form strong winds, this time for Act 2 the forecasts changed a day before practice, with promises of no wind at all. Fog engulfed the Northern Adriatic, stopped airmases from moving and only true optimists believed any racing would be done.

After Fridays windless practice in thick fog, on the first morning of racing all the twelve teams from five nations and the race committee were nevertheless positive, hurried out to the racecourse and were rewarded by the fog lifting just a bit while light southerly wind filled the bay in front of Izola. It was enough for Group A to finish their Round Robin 1 and for Group B to do one flight. Though waiting till nightfall, no more was possible on Saturday.

A present in form of morning Bora wind cleared up the skies on Sunday and flight two was sailed in ten + knots. Then the clear sunlight warmed the sailors, but also the land and RC had to reset the race course a couple of times, waiting for fresh breeze in between. After RR1 for Group B, Teams sailing in Supplementary Round Robin2 (1-6 place) boarded the sailboats, but except basking in the warm sun, sharing jokes and a canceled attempt of a starting procedure, no more sailing was done.

Do not think that lighter wind conditions resulted in boring match racing. Many of the matches we as intense as it gets, prestarts sailed centimeters close, schoolbook situations happening all over the course and some winners decided by mere meters at the finishing line. Tymon Sadowski, who didn’t have the best event, earned his win against Dejan Presen in the last gybe, stealing the only point from Dejan (point proved to be very costly). The results at the end were very close too. Lorenz Mueller sailing with a ‘borrowed’ team of Slovene sailors managed three wins, but ended up in seventh place on same points as Christian Binder in fourth place.

Being more than satisfied with one stage completed for all competitors in given conditions, Final Results were calculated with use of applicable rules to break ties for teams ending up on same number of points. The competition was even stronger this time since 7 skippers were in the ISAF ranking top 150 and the bonus factor of the event will be 2,07. But as in the previous edition, some lower ISAF ranked skippers proved their potential, just to mention Binder in fourth, Petrović in fifth and Jerkovič in eight place.

No big surprises at the top though. Tomislav Bašič (TB Racing Team) won all his matches and the title of overall winner, while second Dejan Presen (Bohemia Apple Racing) and third Max Trippolt (Uniqa - VM Sails ST) finished on four points.

For the first time in Izola, spectators, sailors not racing at that moment and anybody else interested had a chance to watch all the happening on the race course live on Google+. This was possible thanks to Dejan Presen and his team (themselves MR organizers), who put in all the effort of providing the IT, logistics, cameras and operators necessary for such a live feed. We can just hope, more events in the future acknowledge the bonus of this relativly simple technology.

And almost all of the teams expressing their desire to return to the venue for upcoming events is for sure the most meaningful reward for the organizers.


Final Results CWMRS Act 2

Results RR1 group A , Results RR1 group B



Videos of both racing days (onshore camera) by LumbaSLO

To read how it all went down on a timeline click the Facebook link bellow.

CWMRS Act 2 live (14.12.2013)


This weekend we are holding the second act of Cleanport Winter Match Race Series. Please click on the Facebook link to follow our posts from the racecourse.

Wi will submit an article about the complete event here on Sunday.

You can also follow our live video stream from the matches here:



Act 1 of CWMRS is behind us (25.11.2013)

As you might know during this winter Sailing Club J/24 is preparing a series of three international Match Races in Izola, mainly because in this period such events are rare in Europe, and obviously the interest amongst match racing teams is huge. Last weekend the first event of the series was completed.




Twelve crews from five countries eagerly anticipated which weather forecast would come true, because having so many competitors and only two days available for sailing, the weather can quickly reduce the program. Forecasted Bora wind, to our great pleasure remained within acceptable limits and on Saturday except for a few thrusts did not exceed 25 knots whilst on Sunday at times even dropped closer to 10 knots.

Strong winds have not only resulted in tense and dynamic matches, but also in some incidents during which significant damage to the boats occurred. Due to well synchronized actions the Race Committee promptly adapted the format and in the shortest time possible also provided spare sailboats and therefore successfully completed almost all of the scheduled program (only semi-finals were abandoned) .

In the first Round Robin the crews were divided into two groups fighting to enter the so desired group A in second Supplementary Round Robin, as this would lead to the highest finishing positions. Those not successful had their own Supplementary Round Robin for places 7- 12. Besides to two Slovenian skippers Dejan Presen and Gorazd Rajarja, the right to battle for places in the finals were earned by Christian Binder and Julian Kircher both (AUT), Patryk Zbroja (POL), and Arpad Litkey (HUN). After the second RR Rajar and Kircher were placed fifth and sixth respectively, whilst the remaining four teams proceeded directly to finals.

Late in the afternoon in the dying daylight Litkey beat Zbroja 2:1 and became the winner of the Act- a, while Presen lost the fight for third place against Binder with a result 0:2.

Never can all the crews be satisfied with their final results, but with a large number of matches sailed, interesting and challenging sailing conditions and lots of close fights, we are sure nobody was sorry to have joined this event. Soon to follow: CWMRS Act 2 (14th and 15th December 2013) again in Izola .



Finals and petitfinals

Results SRR2 group (1-6) , Results SRR2 group (7-12)

Results RR1 group A , Results RR1 group B





Four Grade 3 Match Racing regattas, that will take place in Izola-Slovenija, have been added to ISAF calendar in the past week.

After one years' absence from MR organization, Sailing Club J/24 has decided (helped by »persuasion« of teams from nearby MNA's) to get back into it more actively again. At the beginning not with the Slovenia Match Race Cup, but with a MR series that will take place in the winter period, when regattas are scarce in Europe, but our northeast corner of the Adriatic often provides nice sailing conditions.

Therefore we have constituted Cleanport Match Race Series 2013/14, which in its first edition will comprise of three Grade 3 events from November till February, months when MR sailors miss some action. In the future the series should finish with a Grade 2 event, where best teams from Grade 3 events would be invited. Anyway, this season's program is as follows:

CWMRS - Act1 (23. and 24.11.2013).

CWMRS - Act2 (14. and 15.12.2013).

CWMRS - Act3 (08. and 09.02.2014).

SERIES Notice of Race

Entry Form

A new web site for the series and other match races is in preparation. There you will be able to find detailed info on the venue, weather, events, entries, results, etc. We will inform you when it is set up. For the moment you can get a taste of how we run match racing events by checking the site of last year's SMRC 2012.

Check out also the NoR for Slovenian National Open Match Racing Championship 2014 that will take place in March!




NoR for Slovenian National Open Match Racing Championship 2014 (28.9.2013)


Sailing Club J/24 from Izola has again committed to organizing Match Racing Nationals, this time for 2014 (from 14th till 16th March). More detailed information will be available here soon, but for now you can find the Notice of Race and the Entry Form on the links bellow.



Slovenian crews, please hurry up contacting the organizers, since this event is open for teams of all nationalities, but the OA will try to enable entry to all interested Slovene teams!




Charter of TOD sailboats for season of Pokal Slovenije 2013 (8.4.2013)


Do you have a desire to try and win Pokal Slovenije, but you are short for a fast sailboat? Why not try with a very competitive sailboat in class Regatne 3. Just for you we have formed a charter offer of a ten meter carbon racing sailboat TOD, that includes all racing days of the mentioned regatta series for 2013 season. In case you and your team could not attend all nine announced regattas, call us and we will modify the offer to suit your needs.

Of course you can charter our TOD sailboats also for any other North Adriatic regattas.

Contact us soon, the 2013 season is already here !!!



New in Izola, a fleet of 10 meter racing sailboats for charter (2.4.2013)


Sailing Club j-24 and company Cleanport že več kot desetletje poleg pokalnega tekmovanja Audi J-24 Cup, državnih prvenstev in Match race-ov, prirejata štirideset in več regat na sezono, za razne klube, društva, podjetja ali zaključene družbe. Do sedaj so se ta tekmovanja in druženja odvijala pretežno na jadrnicah J-24.

Z osvežitvijo petih desetmeterskih jadrnic TOD prve generacije, ki so minulih nekaj sezon jadrale na italijanski strani tržaškega zaliva, sedaj pa so se vrnile v matično Izolo, lahko sedaj ponudimo organizacijo tovrstnih dogotkov tudi na plovilih ki sprejmejo številčnejšo posadko, nudijo hitrejše jadranje in lahko zadovoljijo zahtevnejše jadralce. Občutite užitke in izzive jadranja in tekmovanja na monotipnih jadrnicah, ko se posadke pomerijo z enakim 'orožjem' in o zmagovalcu odlačajo znanje, izkušnje, uigranost in spretnost !!!


Dates of pring regattas Audi J24 Cup 2012/13 (6.3.2013)


Dates till the end of the running season have been announced.........(more).


Cleanport prenavlja floto prvih TOD-ov (27.2.2013)


Po nekaj sezonah 'dela v tujini' se je sedaj flota petih prvotnih jadrnic TOD vrnila iz Italije na matične priveze v Izoli. Trenutno na njih potekajo redna vzdrževalna dela, prenova podvodnega dela, ter estetska obnova bokov jadrnic, tako da bo teh pet monotipov pred koncem meseca aprila pripravljenih na novo jadralno sezono.

S tem bo Cleanportova flota jadrnic ponujanih za najem, od letos bogatejša za pet desetmetskih plovil, ki bodo zainteresiranim jadralcem lahko omogočile izvstne jadralske užitke.



Splovljena prototipna jadrnica novega projekta The One Design 33 (oktober 2012)


Na osnovi izkušenj pridobljenih s prvo serijo jadrnic TOD, je v sodelovanju s slovenskmi navtičnim arhitektom Andrejem Justinom in podjetjem za gradnjo plovil Oceantec d.o.o, Cleanport zagnal nov projekt serijske monotipne jadrnice z imenom The One Design 33.

Prototip povsem na novo narisane jadrnice, z mogimi izvirnimi rešitvami, karbonskim jamborjem in palubo ter notranjostjo podrejeno tekmovanju in preprostosti uporabe, je bil splovljen tik pred letošnjo Barcolano. Z drugim mestom v svojem razredu na Barcolani, le par dni po splovitvi, v praktičnem brzvetrju ki ni bil osnovno izhodišče ob projektiranju, je dosegla in presegla vsa pričakovanja ekipe, ki sodeluje v projektu.

V zimskem obdobju čaka prototipno jadrnico še nekaj regat, ter obilo testiranj in preizkušanj na osnovi katerih se bo dokončno izoblikovala podoba serijske jadrnice, katerih pričetek proizvodnje je predviden za pomlad 2013.

More about The One Design 33 sailboat ...



Champion of Slovenia Match Race Cup 2012 is Mads Ebler (17.6.2012)


Izvrstni danski dvobojevalec je s svojo posadko že drugo leto zapored uspel prekositi vso konkurenco na tradicionalnem match race-u, ki se je letos namesto v Kopru, odvijalo pred Izolo. Najvišje uvrščena domača posadka je letos Lumba team s krmarjem Dejanom Presenom.... (več)



Skardobola are overall winners of Audi J24 Cup 2011-12 (23.04.2012)


Ko je bil zaradi vremenskih razmer odpovedan zadnji regatni dan tega pokalnega tekmovanja, je s tem odpadel tudi boj za skupno zmago med vodilnima posadkama Skardobole in Dvornega Bara, ki ju na koncu ločita le dve točki... (več)



Audi Quattro Junior Cup 2011 class Optimist (21.08.2011)

European champion Ebler wins SMRC 2011 (19.06.2011)

10th AUDI J-24 CUP 2010 - 2011 concluded (20.04.2011)

Audi Quattro Junior Cup 2010 (19.06.2010)