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Final Day

Audi Junior Cup 2014 was completed successfully with 5 valid races for all divisions.

Results are posted and some photos are in the gallery, use the links on the left.

Later today check again for our recolection of the last three days.

1. SLO Mara Turin   1. ITA Anna Paganini
2. SLO Rok Verderber   2. SLO Martin Fras
3. ESP Aina Colom   3. SLO Daniel Cante
1. SLO Mara Turin    
2. ESP Aina Colom    
3. ITA Lusa Penso    
National Championship Girls:   National Championship Boys:
1. Mara Turin, JK Izola   1. Rok Verderber, JK Pirat
2. Špela Hajdinjak, JK Olimpic   2. Martin Fras, JK Izola
3. Veronika Pirjevec, JK Pirat   3. Peter Milivojevič, JK Jadro Koper
National Championship Girls under 12:   National Championship Boys under 12:
1. Lana Semelbauer, JK Pirat   1. Martin Fras, JK Izola
2. Lana Klun, JK Olimpic   2. Daniel Cante, JK Izola
3. Celestina Sabadin, JK Jadro Koper   3. Jaka Romih, JK Pirat

After Day 2


Though we all wished and tried and spent six hours on the water making two starts, no races were today due to lack of wind. We had nice sunny weather most of the time though. Let's hope for better conditions tomorrow.

On the down side, there will be no final groups this year. As for Sailing instructions, tomorrow sailors will sail in the same divisions as posted for today. Nobody really likes that, but it is all sailing.

But it's not all bad. After some pasta in the club house, the draw of prizes is taking place as we speak. Each sailor gets one!

The main prizes (Optimist boat, five Optimist sails and something for coaches) will be drawn tomorrow at the results ceremony.




After Day 1


Results are posted and some photos are in the gallery, use the links on the left.

We will be posting a short overview of the day in the evening, for now you can check what went on on the racecourse on our Facebook page:


Minor change in the NoR for Audi Junior Cup 2014

Very soon: 12. – 14. september 2014

The only change/addition to the new version of the NoR (ver. 2.0) is that 2014 Audi Junior Cup will count not only as Slovenian Open National Championship class Optimist, but also as Slovenian National Championship class Optimist under 12 (cadets).

Entries have been arriving steadily, and the only open question is, how will the shift from the traditional August dates to mid-Septembe, effect the number of competing sailors.

The answer will be given end of next week in Koper, come and join us!

Notice of Race

Entry form (.doc)

Dates set for the twelfth edition of Audi Junior Cup

12th – 14th September 2014

This traditional regatta of Optimist class has always emphasized its kindness toward the youngest sailors of this junior dinghy class, and that shall never change.

For its' twelfth ‘birthday’ this year, Audi Junior Cup will also have a roll of Slovenian Open National Championship.

Soon to be confirmed in ISAF and IODA calendars, Audi Junior Cup is reaching out also to international sailors, and organizers are sure Slovenian 'young hopes' will again get a good and numerous company of sailors from nearby countries (close to 200 competitors last year).

See you all in Koper!

Notice of Race

Entry form (.doc)


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