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Audi Junior Cup 2012

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Jadralni klub JADRO Koper

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The "future" is here


Seeing kids out on the water battling with the elements, competing against their friends and transforming into small versions of real sailors, enjoying all the greatness the sea has to offer, is what these type of regattas are all about. Back in the harbor some more tired than others, but evidently aware they have achieved something, yet another full day is behind them.

All the program of this two day regatta was completed today, with the wind again blowing only for the few hours the races lasted. Obviously not only sponsors, race organizers and supporters, but also weather has a soft spot for these young athletes, doing their first steps in sailing.

After five races with one discard the overall winner of Audi Quattro Junior Cup 2011 is Jana Germani (SLO) followed by Liam Orel (SLO) and Sven Stevanovic (CRO). In girls group the winner was Jana Germani (SLO) followed by Lara Poljsak (SLO) and Giovanna Gustin (ITA) and in under 12 years group Liam Orel (SLO) followed by Sven Stevanovic (CRO) and Alberto Perkovic (CRO).


At the award giving ceremony beside the trophies for all the winners, numerous nice sailing awards were drawn, including four Olimpic Optimist sails and of course the traditional main prize, a complete Optimist boat with mast and sail. Like every year, the youngest sailor is now a proud owner of a new Audi car (toy model). Along with the 132 toys awarded on Saturday afternoon, nobody left Koper empty handed.

Congratulations to the "father" of this event Jure Orel, all his team from two Slovenian sailing clubs, all the generous sponsors, coaches but most of all to all the competing sailors that made this regatta what it is. See you next year for sure in an even greater number at the 10th anniversary of Audi Quattro Junior Cup.


Wind in favour of regatta organizers


Despite pretty calm waters in the last few days, today the sailors had just enough of wind to complete the planed day's program of three races.

Competitors were divided in four groups, since the final number of entries from six countries reached 132. Therefore each race consisted of two separate starts each formed from two of the groups. After a shorter wait for the wind to get more consistent, the race committee made all six starts and successfully finished all the races. Liam Orel is currently leading in the general classification in front of Nicola Kravanja and Klemen Semelbauer (all SLO). RESULTS

Returning to shore was not the end of the day though. After a meal on the club terrace, a draw of prizes for all the competitors was organized. Due to a young age of participants, prizes consisted mainly of toys, so smiles shined even on the faces of those not to happy with their results on the water.

Tomorrow the sailing youth has two more races in front of them and at 18:00 in Taverna trophies will be awarded to the winners, followed by a draw of the most valuable prizes from regatta sponsors. PHOTOS

A nice turnup of joung sailors is on the horizont

It can be forecasted out of the preliminary entries, that the number of competitors at Audi Quattro Junior Cup this year will easily reach over 100.

First sailors are allready practice-sailing and are getting acustomed to race conditions in the bay in front of Koper.


Preliminary entries Audi Quattro Junior Cup 2011

Dear coaches and sailors. If you wish to pay the rduced entry fee, as stated in the Notice of Race, please send a completed entry form (link below) to until 18th August 2011.



Audi Quattro Junior Cup 2011 postponed to later dates

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Optimist class regatta had to be postponed to a later date. Published sailing programs of national teams in some neighboring countries have overlapped with the original dates of Audi Quattro Junior Cup, predicting a noticeably reduced appearance of interested sailors at this event.

New dates are 20th and 21st August 2011.

Unfortunately young sailors will not fight their battles on the race course next to match racing experts this year, but the organizers had to decide in favor of a stronger fleet at Audi Quattro Junior Cup. Next year though, both events will be run hand in hand again, so young talent and experience will share the waters of Bay of Koper once more.

Notice of Race -Audi Quattro Junior Cup 2011

Goodbye Mini, welcome Junior

In its ninth edition this Optimist class regatta is introducing new dimensions. After last year's change of name from Audi Mini Quattro Cup to Audi Quattro Junior Cup, now it is preparing to lose another meaning of adjective Mini.

This traditional regatta of Optimist class has always emphasized its kindness toward the youngest sailors of this junior dinghy class, and that shall never change. However its more or less local character is a thing of the past. Confirmed in ISAF and IODA calendars, from now on Audi Quattro Junior Cup is reaching out to international sailors, and organizers believe Slovenian 'young hopes' will get a good company of sailors from nearby countries.


Notice of Race -Audi Quattro Junior Cup 2011